Cales Investments, Inc.

Cales Investments, Inc. is a full service securities brokerage firm serving a broad range of individual and institutional investors. Our clients have the opportunity to utilize our services via the internet and trade online through our online brokerage. Cales Investments, Inc. has the fundamental resources to help today’s investors meet their financial objectives. Our investment style emphasizes active management and attention to each client. That has been especially challenging over the past year. Many people do not want to worry about 350-point swings in the Dow. They need yield with less volatility. The Fed policy has taken away those choices, so we need to be a little more creative. With that background in mind, we are focused on data and objective indicators. We ignore hype and headlines. As contrarians we try to find opportunity where others see none. On a long-term basis it has always paid to be optimistic about the US, the economy, and stocks. Let’s not discount this country just yet.